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In Europe, passengers’ transportation by long-distance coach is strongly regulated and applies to all countries in the European Union.

For drivers:

  • Daily driving time is limited with mandatory stops. The European law also imposes maximum weekly driving time.
  • Drivers are trained on initial and recurrent basis
  • A tachograph registers speed, kilometers and driver’s activity onboard.

Coaches are equipped with:

  • Seatbelts for drivers and passengers
  • Speed limiters (100km/h max)
  • A retarder, ABS system, EBS, ASR and wide-angle mirrors
  • A service and maintenance record for each vehicle

France also reinforced the law regarding long-distance passengers’ transportation by requiring alcohol ignition locks.

According to the French National Federation of Passenger Transport (FNTV), coaches and busses are among the safest transport means, way ahead of car, motorcycle or train, and there are 3 times less mortal accidents by coach than by train, 30 times less than by car and 300 times less than by motorcycle.

More innovation for more security with Toucango:

To increase onboard security, isilines actively participated to develop a technology based on facial recognition with the start-up Innov+: eye direction, attention to the road.

Toucango system includes:

  • A box equipped with a camera that follows and analyzes the driver’s behavior; it alerts the driver at the first signs of drowsiness or distraction
  • A vibrating bracelet to alert the driver

Toucango is progressively deployed on the entire isilines fleet.