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Planning your journey

Planning your journey

Before leaving, please read the information bellow and make sure you are in compliance with them.

One of your trips is operated by Eurolines? Please read the dedicated section before you leave. 


Isilines Luggage Allowance

With isilines, you can carry for free 1 luggage in the hold (max. 20 kg) and 1 carry-on. Luggage in the hold must meet the following requirements:

  • Dimensions: the sum of the 3 measurements (length + width + depth) of one luggage must not exceed 170 cm.
  • Weight: one luggage cannot exceed 20 kg
  • Labels: all luggages must be labelled (last name, first name, telephone number, full address of the passenger). Labels will be delivered when checking-in.

Bicycles, skis, musical instruments… are forbidden on board and in the hold.

Skis are allowed in addition to luggage on buses going to ski resorts. They must be carried in a cover.

For safety reasons, it is prohibited to carry:

  • Animals, exception of:
    - guide dogs accompanying a blind or hard of hearing person
    - cats and dogs (max. weight 5 kg) in their travel bag. Please read our General Terms and Conditions.
  • Illegal or inflammable products (drugs, weapons, combustible fuel, toxic materials…)


Passport and visa information

The following documents are required to travel:

  • Your ticket

Please remember that your ticket is personal and cannot be transferred.

  • For trips operated by isilines: both e-ticket and printed tickets are accepted. You must present your ticket to the driver prior to boarding.
  • For trips operated by Eurolines or other operators: printed tickets are required (A4 white paper, no duplex printing). You must present your ticket to a Eurolines agent prior to boarding.


  • A valid identity card (national identification card, passport, resident permit…)

When boarding, you may be asked to present your identification to verity your reservation.

  • Travel documents required by countries you are crossing (passport, visa, exit permit…)

If you are unsure about having the proper documents, permits, visa, necessary for travel, we invite you to visit the European Union website for more information.


Isilines shall not be liable in any way whatsoever to you in connection with obtaining necessary documents or complying with such laws, regulations, orders, demands, notices, requirements or instructions, whether given orally or in writing or otherwise, or for the consequences to you resulting from your failure to obtain such documents or to comply with such laws, regulations, orders, demands, notices, requirements or instructions.


IMPORTANT: isilines, Eurolines and other operators reserve themselves the right not to accept you on board if you do not comply with these conditions.


Check-in and boarding

To travel with a peace of mind, passengers must be ready for check-in at least:

  • 20 minutes prior to departures for trips operated by isilines
  • 30 minutes prior to departure for trips operated by Eurolines or other operators (exception: 1h prior to departures from Paris Gallieni).


Boarding closes 15 minutes before the time of departure. In the event passengers turn up late, boarding will no longer be guaranteed.


On board sales (isilines coaches only)

If you decide to leave at the very last minute, be aware that you can buy your ticket on board the isilines coach, directly with the driver! Be ready at the bus stop at least 20 minutes prior to departure: if seats are available, one-way tickets departing from this bus stop can be bought on board with a credit card (cash, checks and other payment methods are not accepted).


Rules on board

So that everyone has a great travel experience, here are a few rules and advices:

- smoking is prohibited, as well as eating odorous food or drinking alcohol
- using electronic devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone, mp3 player…) is forbidden without headphones

When the coach is fully booked, we thank those traveling alone to kindly switch places to allow families with children to sit side-by-side.


Passengers under 18 years old

  • Children under 16 years old

Starting January 15 2017, it is again required to complete the permission slip to leave the country in case where children are traveling without his parents (Ministry circular published on November 4 2016). 

Children under the age of sixteen unaccompanied by an adult are not allowed on board of a Eurolines coach.

If the children companion is not the parent (or guardian) a travel authorization signed by one of the parent is required. 

Minors must be in possession at all times of the documents required for travel.

  • Children between 16 and 18 years old

Minors between 16 and 18 years old are allowed to travel unaccompanied as long as they are in possession at all times of the documents required for travel.


IMPORTANT: Minors who do not respect these conditions will not be accepted on board


One of your trip is operated by Eurolines

From 30 years, Eurolines has been offering coach transportation throughout Europe and even Morocco. In 2011, Eurolines was the first private operator to commercialize trips between French cities on board international coaches (e.g. on a Paris-Portugal route, it was possible to travel from Paris to Bordeaux).

If one of your trips is operated by Eurolines:

  • Printed tickets are required
  • Passengers must be ready for check-in at least 30 minutes prior to departure (exception: 1h prior to departures from Paris Gallieni).
  • Eurolines coaches are progressively equipped with free Wi-Fi and electrical sockets, but some coaches may not be equipped yet
  • On most of our Eurolines routes, you can carry for free 2 luggages in the hold (max. 20 kg) and 1 carry-on.
  • It is prohibited to carry animals
  • On board sale is not available