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de isilines

Christmas Market 2018



We declare the Christmas markets tour open!

Who says Christmas, says Christmas market and there are many cities that organize them for the delight of everyone. It's one of the main event of December.

Wooden cottages, decorated showcases, streets adorned with glittering garlands and lights, wine or hot chocolate, and perfumes of spices, create this Christmas magic that we love so much!

And for the magic to take you there even more, that's why we have prepared a selection of the most beautiful Christmas markets!


Discover the 2018 calendar and our destinations!


Lille from 30/11 to 06/01/2019:
Paris-Lille from 5 € *: I reserve


Lyon from 24/11 to 24/12/2018:
Toulouse-Lyon from 19 € *: I reserve


Rennes from 17/11 to 06/01/2019:
Toulouse - Rennes from 19 € *: I reserve


Toulouse from 17/11 to 06/01/2019:
Bordeaux - Toulouse from 5 € *: I reserve


Toulouse from 17/11 to 06/01/2019:
Paris - Nantes from 5 € *: I reserve